Dori Hitti

Lebanese interior decorator and architect/designer, Dori Hitti first pursued his interest in the arts in Florence, Italy at the Accademia delle Belle Arti where he later specialized in ’91 Arredamento Progettazione di Interni (interior design) at the city’s Palazzo Spinelli School.

On his return to his native Lebanon, he built a reputation as a leading interior designer known for working with clients from concept through building to attain their dream spaces.

His talent for designing and creating exceptionally beautiful and high-quality designs with a unique twist of individualism won him many high profile design projects in the Middle East, Europe and USA, spanning the domains of residential apartments and villas, to yacht interiors, boutiques, spas, restaurants, hotels and many others.

Due to his vast and extensive assortment of projects, Dori Hitti’s influence and style are admired and recognized, making him one of this decade’s leading interior designers.

Dori Hitti’s target audiences are people who appreciate art and have an eager urge to make their desire a reality. His future vision is to grace the halls of celebrity even further. Furthermore, he hopes to be able to one day attain an international name for himself that can coincide with the most famous designers of the twenty-first century.